City of Liverpool College Student Union Logo

Setting up the City of Liverpool College Student’s Union

While at college studying I took up the opportunity to sit as Student Governor on the board of Governors. I attended many meetings while studying and one of the things I continually advocated for setting up an independent student union. After lobbying the management and board of governors on this they finally agreed to allow the union to be set up and to provide funding.

I ran for election as the inaugural SU President and was successfully elected with 48.5% of the vote against 5 other candidates. I set up the union by drawing up the articles of association and memorandum of understanding with the college. I developed all the branding for the union and organised the first student led Freshers Fayre.

Developing Project Management skills by fleshing out the long term goals of the Student Union, bringing in contacts from within the city to get the new union out in a big way for our first ever year. Working to source external trustees to help manage and advise the students and future sabbatical officers at the union.


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