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Delivering the Supplier Cyber Protection Service

I was the Product Owner for the Supplier Cyber Protection Service, a £1million defence project. I directed the implementation of the product into Live. The purpose of the project was to secure the defence supply chain from cyber security threats. It was the first MOD project to be hosted on GOV.UK and was developed in line with the GDS Digital Design Standards. As an exemplar Agile project I worked with the central digital team to help shape Agile best practice in the department.

In this role, I resolved an issue around two factor authentication security. This had been an issue for over 7 months and within 6 weeks of my arrival I was able to resolve the issue by advocating for a nuanced approach to access the tool. This was by differentiating the security controls depending on the different user’s accesses. The project was able to move forward and the user experience for the majority of users was improved greatly.

I was the main liaison with our supplier. I was able to effectively challenge our supplier to ensure that we met DDS requirements. I negotiated development time to allow our supplier to change their core product in exchange for conducting user research on their behalf. Before I became the Product Owner, the project had bought a customised “off the shelf product” which meant I had limited scope for ensuring there were iterative changes to the product in line with the DDS. I negotiated with our supplier to make changes to their product so that we are able to meet these requirements.
By joining the MOD and taking over the lead on this project, I had a large and positive impact on this project to take in in the right direction and the project successfully delivered on time even with a 50% reduction of team resources.


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