Joining the Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship Scheme

I joined the Civil Service on a Level 4 Business Administration apprenticeship. Over my two years on the apprenticeship I worked in two job roles in HMRC.

My first role was a Team Leader. I managed a team of 10 people who processed working tax credits claims.

I worked in a pacesetter environment (A LEAN process) to effectively continuously improve the team. The team were responsible for a selection of over 10 different tasks with differing backlogs and service level agreements and I worked with other managers to effectively manage resourcing on these tasks.

In my second role I worked as a compliance caseworker. I was a self directed fraud investigator looking at Tax Credit Claims. I was responsible for a case from start to finish and regularly brought in a yield of over £30,000 a day for the business.

Over the 1 year I was in this role I also created a excel based intranet page for the local office to improve engagement and communications from senior management. This regularly received praise from outside our office and I received a note from the director of operations to thank me for this.


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